Friday, April 15, 2011

On the Road to Ibadan...

...Accident in the middle of the road. These semi-trailers drive like they're small cars! Its ridiculous!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Souvenirs from Westminster Abbey

My Mobile Pics from London

Illegal pic from inside Westminster Abbey...

Royal Wedding 2011 Display, Westminster Abbey Gift Shop

Return to the UK...

Hiya Peeps!
I've just returned from the UK attending a conference at Oxford. It was my first time at the University, and it was great to meet new people, get advice on my work, and also see a bit of the city. Before coming back to Nigeria, I also spent the day in London. Though I've been there before, it was still nice to re-visit some sights and also do new things. Enjoy the pics below!

I NEVER get tired of these Sahara shots!

On the bus from Heathrow to lame!

I'll never get used to the driving on the other side of the road.


View from my room at 6am...I really missed the cold weather!

Walking towards the central city.

I *think* this is the Oxford Philomusica.

Downtown Oxford on a Saturday afternoon.

I had lunch at Bella Italia for the 2nd time! Granted the 1st time was at the Port Angeles restaurant.  (Is it bad that I look for Twilight connections everywhere?)

Christ Church College, prototype for Harry Potter's Hogwarts!

Dining Hall! 

Recognize any headmasters? Dumbledore or Snape?

I think I found the Gryffindor table!

I love how the Hogwart's Dining Hall ceiling always reflects the time of day outside.

Outside in the compound

The oldest building in Oxford...some sort of Anglo-Saxon tower...

My taxi!

Now in London...emerging from the Tube...

Big Ben! 

*SIGH* Westminster Abbey!

I made it just in time for the tour!

On my way to the London Eye

The pod I'll ride in

The pod in front of us

Big Ben and Parliament from the London Eye

Me and Big Ben on the London Eye

Buckingham Palace from the London Eye

So I tried to go to 10 Downing St....

...didn't know they've closed it and only invited guests can enter.

Buckingham Palace at night

On my way back on the train, heading to Heathrow to catch my flight!